My Deathday Wish: After Birth Comes Death – By Novisi Dzitrie


So death would come and


I would die a poet!

I the lover you hate

In equal measure or worse.


But do NOT

Do these in remembrance of me:


Do not freeze my dead body like cow meat

To keep from rotting

Or mummify it like koobi

Put on exhibition at Mallam Atta;

Keeping wake and crying …agyeii…agyeii…

Soaking it in your polluted tears and

Peddling deceptions I’m an example

In the good books as told of the prophets BC

And you get away with it

Because I would not be there in breath to say

You have not spoken the truth.



Give this to earth before sunset,

Without delay;

Without any fancy coffin or epitaphic tombstone.

Otherwise, burn it all:

The flesh and the bones to ashes;

Throw to the wind or sprinkle upon the sea.


Light a bonfire and

Live your life;

Sit around with cups of coffee and share my poems;

My tributes to you the living and


I the lover you hate with passion!

I would be gone, ferried in the whirlwind.


*Wednesday February 1, 2012.

The day it was reported Wislawa Syzmborska died.