Random Thoughts by Worlanyo Adzimah

The weather looks just like my thoughts – dull! So I’ve decided to shake up my system with some warm “Nescafe 3-in-1” along side some digestive biscuits. I am trying the “digestive light” for the first time with my coffee. It tastes funny. I think I still prefer the chocolate.  While at it, am on the internet “sniffing the wires” for news and listening to the usual morning talk shows on radio after unsuccessful attempts to get an alternative station to enjoy some good music.
As I read the news, I pause intermittently to do some thinking. Some headlines as well as the stories that follow beat my mind. I wonder why and how some people do what they do. Sometimes we hear and even “doubt” some of these stories because we think they are too absurd. We read some of these stories and ask ourselves if this country will ever get better. But because we readily don’t get answers, HOPE for a “BETTER GHANA” becomes bleak. The rate of illiteracy is “gargantuan” and cannot be measured even with a “woyometric-meter”.
As a people we have blamed politicians for almost everything if not all. We hold them responsible for the floods in our homes, for the carnage on our roads, etc.
Some are justified no doubt at all. You might want to yell – “but they take our taxes”. I know they do duh! But I think a lot more depends on us as citizens which we have failed to address.
There are a lot of instances that makes the future quite bleak. But I’ll limit this write up to two disappointing ones I witnessed.
The other day I met three adults. Their ages could range 28-35 years. They stood looking at this magnificent mansion which anybody would watch twice. For the records, I have no knowledge in engineering. But sometimes, if you are privileged to know one plus one is two, you’ll need not to be an engineer or wait for officials from town and city planning to tell you that is a water way. The building was sited on a water way.
The supposed “burger” has been able to raise his plot of land by filling it with a lot of sand. So high is the land that it looks down on the surrounding lands and buildings under construction. I got stunned when these men started clapping in praise of the man and his mansion. In praise of the “burger”, they were so impressed with the job done and how much it might have cost. Because according to them, the land has always been water logged. And they even went further to say how often flood enters the homes of surrounding smaller buildings.
I asked one of them whether they live around. Their house was just two blocks behind the mansion. I was like **barred word**!!! A “standing ovation” for a “law breaker”? It wouldn’t surprise me (it shouldn’t surprise you too) to see these 3 adults lead a “naked demonstration” if government decides to pull down that building to clear the water way. I felt disappointment, shook my head in disbelief and just moved on. In my mind, I said “wait till the rains comedown in a few months. We’ll see if you’ll still be clapping.” “HOPE” appeared far away from sight.
I joined a “tro-tro” another day to town. Earlier that morning we all woke up to a sad news. At construction sites at “sofoline” interchange in kumasi. It was the death of three young boys aged between 11- 16 years. From the story, they had finished playing football and have decided to go wash their feet in a deep, water-filled trench at the project site.
I thought that was indeed sad and unfortunate. The mayor of kumasi visited the family to mourn and sympathize with them. He gave what I thought was “good counsel” not only to the kid’s parents, but to all parents. He admitted that there was no warning sign at the project site but added that “if parents were a bit more vigilant in their parental responsibilities, perhaps, such incidents would not occur.” Parenting, they say is an “unending business”.
The sadness had vanished from the faces of the passengers. Almost everybody attacked the mayor for his comment. They managed some how to give the mayors counsel a political color. Some said the mayor made the “arrogant comment” because of his affiliation to the ruling party.
This got me thinking deeply. Wondering what the mayor said wrong? Where else should he have given such a “counsel”? I got really disappointed in the older men and women in the “tro-tro”. What they did, was not to listen and interrogate the substance of the mayors advice, they rather paid attention to the “personality”. That in my view was unfortunate. If people would just take the time, exercise a little patience and just listen, they would be a lot better off in their life and they would get along with a lot more people.
Personally, this is what I made of the mayors comment. If the parents were “extra vigilant”, they would have known their kids go to wash their feet after playing football at the site, and they would advice and encourage them to come home to wash down after they play. They wouldn’t go washing their feet in what might probably be dirty water.
In any case, a 16 year old boy is supposed to be smart (well, depending on his background) to know that was clearly a wrong move. After all, 16 year olds have been caught in armed robbery and rape (gang-rape) cases. Or? So yes! If parents are more vigilant in their parental responsibilities, their 16 year old kids will know better and would advice the 11 year old.
AH! My coffee got cold……