All Die Be Die!!! – By Fo Fovi

To a very great extent, all die be die because no mater what the circumstances surrounding a death, the person(s) involved ceases to exist but the question I seek to ask is ‘is it true that all die be die?’


I think some deaths are irresponsibly stupid deaths considering the circumstances under  which they occur, the reason and the cause of death. for example, I cant meet my death fighting over a promiscuous girl and say it was worth it but I could die defending my fundamental human rights,  but even in this  dispensation where all the power brokers care for is their selfish ambitions, it is no more wise and worth dying for even the nation.


I think it is not worth dying for any cause, nor organization or any individual. The only person worth dying for is one’s self because everything is momentary. We live in times where wrong seems right and right seems wrong. Nothing is done with reasoning  except peoples vision clouded with self-indulgence and avarice. We have different laws for different people characterized by their corresponding  treatments.


Sometimes it baffles my thought and imagination to think that people judge issues by virtue of their affiliations; be it religious, political and what have you, when all we have to do is to approach issues objectively. I wonder why one individual who is a member of a certain political party who embezzles money from the state coffers should be shielded by a group or persons because they happen to belong to the same group. Money that is meant for the collective good of our nation and it’s people…. Except I enjoyed part of the booty.


Are we building parties or we are building a nation? Does it really matter who builds the nation and make it conducive for it’s citizens by provision of uninterrupted power supply, creation of real time jobs, good educational  institutions and policies?


All we need is good living conditions and an air of freedom for us to develop as a nation. We cant have our leaders making irresponsible speeches inciting people and conditioning their minds for violence and mayhem.  We all know we live in a society where certain figures are perceived as demi-gods; as they want us to believe.  we cannot allow such statements from them, and they have the effrontery  to justify it’s essence. Yes, because we have a large percentage of followers who are vulnerable and prone to carrying the ‘orders’ of these demi-gods. This even sounds like war mongering.


Personally, queuing to even cast my vote is an ordeal I’ve since put a stop to, so I wonder what will make me go to the extent of fighting for a politician because they don’t  take us serious. They only know the poor electorates when it’s time to go to the polls. They then ascend to the various offices only to tell us that they cant fulfill their promises because their predecessors have squandered the money. The impudence for lying to us over the years. Why don’t you prosecute the officer who squandered the money then? We have been taken for granted for far too long. No politician will help you if he doesn’t stand to gain more than you do. Leave them to cause the mayhem with their families. Allow them to do their own ‘shit-bombings’. Allow them to do the underground dealings and their own serial-killings. Don’t allow yourself to be used by these selfish and insensitive leaders against your  fellow oppressed.


Every good deed or speech should be praised and the bad ones condemned regardless of who said it. All die can never be die if the citizenry is incited to rise against each other with cutlasses, clubs, guns, bows and arrows while the brains behind them sit at home peacefully with their diplomatic passports handy and a get-away car packed at vantage points.

I am sure  that the person who made the pronouncement has implicitly regretted making such a statement but I see people trying to defend the indefensible. Let’s stop affiliating ourselves to religious groups, political groups, organizations and even individuals so that we can think of ourselves as unique individuals. It is not good to say, I am an NDC, NPP, a catholic, a pentecostal, a nurse or a doctor since we tend to take on the beliefs and ideologies of the affiliated object of interest at the expense of our very selves.


We have to be open minded and receptive to ideas and form opinions instead of belittling ourselves trying to get stuck up on a group.  Groups are formed by individuals and so it is imperative that we always remain as individuals because group-think is usually destructive.  Eg. I am the nephew of so, so and so, I am the boyfriend of that star actress and a friend of that famous newscaster. It’s all good that way but what happened to the SELF, the I, ME theory?


It behooves all of us to educate our friends and families out there that no politician is worth dying for and they should stay far away from trouble and it’s makers because all die no be die!