Another One Ghana Cedi Thought – By Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni

A hungry man they say is an angry man but though I do feel Ghana hungry, I feel the result of my hunger will in a way serve a bigger purpose. Which is bringing my thoughts to bear on certain issues that can make me sacrifice my usual one Ghana Cedi worth of Hausa koko and kose breakfast. This morning, Hajia herself called me on my Gomoa banchi phone to ask whether or not I was going to come for breakfast but as you are all not aware I just got employed a domestic officer in an expatriate’s house and not wanting to exhibit my Ghana man time (GMT) skills on my first day on the job I told Hajia I was out of town and for the first time she actually believed me.

Like most politicians who do not believe what they say yet we the populace believe them, I was shocked and happy. You see Hajia is one of those women who will always demand empirical and emphatic proof before they believe whatever anyone says that at times I suspect she works either for EOCO or the BNI.

Now enough of Hajia and her wahala. Now as my new Madam had enjoyed her breakfast she called me to the dining table and asked me to sit which I did hesitantly. So here I sat with my best angelic pose thinking of the long somehow charismatic sermon I was going to receive on the dos and don’ts by this Abrewa expatriate only for her to tell me that she is building an organization for the reporting and prosecuting of individuals who ‘maltreat’ animals  in Ghana and will want my help in building the organization and reporting of such activities. In other words I am to help in forming an animal rights organization.Animal rights group in Ghana!Hmmmm! And so out of curiosity as usual, I asked her why she wanted to do this. Her response is that, the other day on her way home after visiting some friend she was a donkey drawing a cart of refuse and the constant beating of the donkey by the owner made her shed tears.

Thirty minutes after this incident she sees her Ghanaian neighbor pull something out of a sack and when she drew closer she realized it was a dead cat. When she inquired what happened to the nice fluffy pussy, she was told they had killed it for a little party the wanted to have and all she could do was shed more tears. I know what you are thinking now. Yes I really do and just as you find it funny, I do too. But come to think of it I’m sure if this woman knows the number of Joseph meat I have consumed and long to consume she would have crucified me.

On second thoughts though, my amusement turned into anger which could have catapulted me across the table to give her a slap to remind her that this is Africa and for that matter Ghana where even the monkey that is closely related to humans as evolution says is a delicacy to some.  Who in his or her right mind will tell an Eweman not to eat his precious Joseph meat or a Dagaati man to forget his dog meat all in the name of animal rights? As for me, I’m not one of such double standard persons ooooh.

How could she not tell me that there was a cat meat party in the next house when I came for the interview the previous day? Mehn! I missed out on my favorite meat thanks to her and here she is telling me she wants to form an organization to battle maltreatment of animals.If she is so much into animal rights then she should stop chewing chicken and fish.After all they are also animal.This attitude of as long as a cock lives, it is said to have belonged to the child of the house; but when it is slaughtered for super, it is then that the real owner emerges is what I hate.Why do these expatriates think the know better than us and God.Is it not in the same Bible they brought us that we should kill animals for food? Or is there a new one that has animal rights included?

One thing not only her but most of these expatriates fail to realize is that unlike them animals to us are animals and are treated as such. Dogs for example are for hunting and security.  We do not kiss and cuddle cats and dogs the way they do. The only time we go that is to see how fat they have grown and whether they are ready for consumption. I do not in my wildest of dreams see an African willing his entire fortunes to a pet unlike them. Come to think of it do you think Auntie Betty would have given Woyome the fifty-eight million Ghana cedis were he to be even the President’s pet cat? It would have been a more gargantuan sacrilege.

So as I share this experience with you , I’m  contemplating whether to go to work tomorrow or not for I truly am in a dilemma since though I’m being paid quite a good wage for a Domestic Chief Executive post, this new addition of  building an organization for reporting ‘maltreatment of animals is a huge conflict of interest for me and my one Ghana cedi thought can’t just find a way around it. If any of you have a thing or to say to help me out, meet me at the Nima junction Hausa Koko joint in the morning.