A Letter to Kwasi Adu – By Dela Kobla Nyamuame

Hello Kwasi Adu,
How do you do?
I heard you are now reading your Masters,
Wow! How high you’ve climbed the academic stairs.
My current unemployed status has convinced me
That I must follow suit if I’m to make ends meet,
It seems employers have no use for a BSc. these days.
There has been a successful change of government,
Old wine in a new wine skin.
They have taken to having opulent breakfasts,
The choicest tea I’m told, straight from china,
So I’ve decided that before I’m done and dead,
I must become a corrupt politician.
God answered our prayers and sent us rain,
But since in our wisdom we choke every drain,
Floods came and stole some people away
And some have said that God is solely to blame,
Strangely God hasn’t come to defend himself,
So maybe he is guilty but who am I to say the same.
The first couple of the U.S. arrive in a few days,
I had planned to give them a Ghanaian welcome,
Stand on the street scream and frantically wave
But the fuel price hike has caused an increase in hanky prices,
I’d have watched at home but the regular power outages
Means the radio would as usual have to do.
I hope this letter doesn’t get lost in the post,
If you miraculously receive it please do reply,
I want to know what you like about campus most.
Your good friend,
July 06, 2009