More Than Enough – By Badhan Diallo

I was angry. The sun scorched and I could feel sweat rush down my body. My muscles hardened, further increasing the desired mass my torso smirched. My veins had formed thick stream lines around my arms. I picked up the cutlass that had been left hanging in the tree’s stem. As I headed for the rock across the compound my feet crushed the dried leaves that had fallen from the Indian almond trees. I sharpened both ends of the cutlass with the rock causing sharp loud noises, audible from a mile away.

The sound was deafening but I had gotten used to it as I grew up with that particular sound constantly in my ears. It had partially deafened me. I got even angrier at the thought of my partial deafness. My countenance was calm, not reeking of the stench of my fury but deep down I was boiling like a pot of porridge. After he slapped me I simply smiled at him and walked away. I wouldn’t have fully exhausted my anger on him if I had retaliated at that moment. It was a market square and we had attracted quite a crowd during the heated argument.

If I had fought back we would have been quickly separated by our audience. I was a genius when it came to retaliations. I was calculating and I usually paid back more than I was given; so much so that no one came back for more because I had given back more than enough. The cutlass was sharpened. It had become so sharp that I didn’t have to exert much effort to cause an innocent branch to feel the bare ground. This was the payback he deserved. He dared to hit me at the market square in the presence of everyone.

I placed the beast in a leather pouch and headed for the market again that beautiful morning. The place had gotten unusually busy. I began noticing an unusual look in the eyes of those that looked at me. Everything became slower; their movements…the wind… I paused and closed my eyes for a moment, the wind whistled by and when I opened my eyes everything had returned to its original speed. I looked desperately around for the unfortunate being that stepped on my delicate balls. Minutes passed and I got impatient as my frantic search reached futility. I passed by a vendor of mirrors. In that quick moment when the mirrors displayed my image I saw something strange.

I moved back, stopped and carefully took a look at myself; I was half naked and filthy looking in the mirror but when I looked down at myself with my bare eyes I was dressed normally. My fury quickly drifted to a state of confusion. I stepped away from the mirrors and looked deep into the skies…they were dark and teary. I was lost. I was seeing what no one else saw. I wanted an answer so I stretched my arm to reach for a passerby but before I could get to someone I was tapped on the back. I looked back and there was who I had been searching for. ‘’what are you doing here again?’’ he asked.

I felt insulted by his question and my anger stepped in again throwing my confused mind in the backyard to pound fufu. I hit his chest with both of my palms and drew my cutlass out. He fell heavily to the ground and began pleading. We had attracted a crowd again but this time no one dared to come closer because I was wielding a dangerous weapon. I smiled and walked closer to butcher him with my beast. Sweat dripped down his body and tears gushed down his sorry face.

I raised the cutlass to gather momentum. I rushed it down to the young man’s head. He quickly covered his scalp with his hands and I closed my eyes to my grim retaliation as I heard the women scream ‘’ooo mobo’’. Just then I felt a rush of cold water around me. I opened my eyes and the following words I heard were of a familiar voice; ‘’wake up and go sweep the compound, you lazy bones!’’