My Truth – By Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni

I have dared to stare into the eyes of the soul of age

And felt the heartbeat of time

As Osogbolisa breathed gently against my skin

I have felt the ripple effect of fate’s ejaculation

That made life pregnant

A pregnancy that exploded when delivery time was due

In the maternity world which we have put up for sale

The explosion blinded me

And I saw the visionless vision of the Truth

So these trapped thought I pen are the Truth to me and for me

For your version of the Truth differs from mine

The elders say a child that washes his hands well will eat with them

And yes we say this is the Truth

Yet they do not talk about whether the elder who does not wash his hands well,

will eat with the child who washes his hands well.

What was the Truth once remains not the same

For there is a lie behind every Truth

Yet we say ‘the Truth shall set you free’

So I ask whose Truth will set me free?

Cos somewhere between my halve Truth, white and black lies is the Truth

In my drunken soberness I see myself as part of the truth I seek

Something that is stronger than fiction and reality

The Preacher man’s truth is different from the Imam’s truth

A child’s truth different from and elder’s truth

So we duel in the village of different kinds of truth

And exclaim Love is the sincerest kind of truth

Yet the love we share has conditions and clauses

There is only one sincere love and that is the Truth

A Truth that time cannot make false

For the Truth is the Truth and the Truth owns time

It is that rainbow that I have caught on my farm

Of withering thoughts and returned to the owner


The is only one Truth

And That TRUTH is GOD