Unmake It – By Word Maker

Everybody wants to make it in life.

Everybody wants to make it Big Time,

In this life of ours on this our earth



…I want to unmake it in life

Aspiring for that which no-one concerns about.

I want to unmake the cruelty that thrives in hearts

That cruelty that caused the holocaust, and the genocide.

I want to unmake the high cost of oil,

The unreasonable prizes are murderous.

Unmake the conflict between man and nature,

With trees being butchered mercilessly,

With white pumas, and silk birds being hunted for sport.

Unmake the terror that terrorists wreak

On innocent lives daily.


I will unmake the making of democracies

That are as evil as the dictatorship that lived before,

I will unmake lying treaty parties,

Giving out suicidal loans to groaning nations.

Unmake the hullabaloo of economic downturns and crisis

And build in its stead a golden era of wealth.

Oh, how I will unmake the cloning of clones cloned unnaturally

So that the natural course of things will proceed unimpeded.


You want to make it right?

You want to be successful at all times.

So crave I, to unmake all that is been made.

Unmake hidden tyranny, neo-colonisation,

Modern slavery, baiting of poor countries,

Theft of Natural riches from virgin land

Of so much shall I unmake, that at the end shall unmake myself.


I am willing?

Are you too?

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