Where Does Your Loyalty Lie? – By Qouphy Appiah Obirikorang

This is pure football logic, hate it or love it!!

Supporting Arsenal FC is like being in a bad Christian marriage! Since divorce is frowned upon, you stay in it like that and all you do is nag nag nag!!


Supporting Chelsea FC is like writing an examination with apor; one semester you are on top of the class list; another semester you are rock bottom!


Supporting Manchester FC is like chasing your area girls, you are confident and on top of your game; when you move to a different terrain, you are totally flawed and left wondering what happened to your wooing skills.


Supporting Liverpool United is like having a zero bank account and dreaming of buying a BMW X6. You know it’s far out of reach but you still love the dream!!


Supporting Manchester City is like planting maize along the sea shores, applying top rated chemical fertilizers and expecting to get a bumper harvest!


Supporting Stoke City is like being Robin Hood; always robbing the rich and denying them of happiness!


Supporting Sunderland FC is like being the Biblical woman who suffered with issues of blood for several years; you know you have a misfortune and one day you will meet your savior!


Supporting Newcastle is like a saito boy going to school; he does not understand the logic of schooling but all he cares about is representing!


Supporting Wigan Athletics is like driving a beat-down jalopy! You are very much aware that the car is NOT good but all your prayers are that it takes you to your destination in one piece.


Supporting Real Madrid is like being in a good dadabee private school; you know you are in a good school, you are surrounded with equal dadabees but as a team you are always beaten by a second grade school in a contest.


Supporting Barcelona FC is like driving a brand new car; the absorbers are good, the engine is clean and efficient, the suspension is excellent BUT you know at the back of your mind it’s just a machine and it will breakdown someday.


Supporting Accra Hearts of Oak is like eating in a filthy restaurant; you don’t really care about the outcome and all you care about is getting your stomach filled.


Supporting Kotoko FC is like having your bladder full with urine and traveling in a bus with loads of pretty women. All you have to do is to hold it in, fake smiles and pretend everything is alright!


Supporting Liberty Professionals is like graduating from one of these mushroom university colleges; you are made to believe that everything works by logic when actually it doesn’t!

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