No Wise Man Runs In The Direction Of Danger – By Joseph Yaw Frimpong

As I stood by his grave, I looked into the skies and cried “flight is better than fight”. I remember very well that before his death, he used to fight everyone he saw in his way. Whenever, I saw him fight I would tell him “no wise man runs in the direction of danger!” he would look at me and say “only fools run away from the battlefield”. However, I guess that if he was alive today, his responds to my advice would have been different. I looked at his grave and remarked “what is the importance of bravery when it’s going to lead you into the grave?”

My dead friend is probably not the only victim; I have seen, heard and read of many instances where people have out of over-confidence met their untimely death. I am yet to understand why most people like to fight quarrels they know they can’t fight. To me, it’s foolishness but some people would call it confidence. Let’s look at the story of Goliath, there had been so many people who have fought him but can you tell some of them. You might probably mention David, why? The answer is simple; he was the only one to defeat Goliath. True bravery does not lie in fight but fighting and winning. To me, it’s very foolish fighting a losing battle. Some people might say, people might fight a losing battle for fame but the question I would ask is “what is the importance of glory to a dead body?”

Note that you would not be the only one who ran away from a battlefield because if you were the only one, our forefathers would have not minted the aphorism “those who fail to fight today, fight another day”. It does not take a day to become a hero, it takes constant practice. All the practices put together would teach you the antics of how to become a hero. Note that every man that runs in the direction of danger unprepared is foolish but the wise man would do otherwise. If danger is coming, every wise man would run away and think of how to circumvent the danger next time round. This is exact thing my friend did that landed him into the grave.

I remember when I was younger my friend used to describe a painting to me; he said that in that picture, there was a boy running towards a fierce angry bull without any weapon. At first, I didn’t find anything fascinating about that picture but I guess now I do very well. I understand the picture now because the outcome would be “the bull would angrily run over him and kill him without mercy. Not only did he would meet his untimely death, he was actually been killed by an animal he was supposed to control.

The situation cuts through all facets of life, most at times we fail to prepare for our examination, we fail to plan our life. However, we are human and we can’t live by committing errors, we must not let the errors cut us down. Once, we still have life we can correct certain bad things, we can practice and the next time round run in the direction of danger fully prepared. Once there is life, there is hope and hope is a walking dream. A dream is our imagination. Great people started just by having a dream. Remember Martin Luther King Jr, Socrates etc, they had dreams and they pursued it fully prepared. The next time you run in the direction of danger, stop in the middle of the road and asked yourself “Am I prepared?” If the answer is yes move on but if the answer is no, I think you know what to do.

Suddenly, I felt a tap at my back, I turned and it was the pastor. I turned and he said “life is good, life it to the fullest.” I was completely at sea. He blinked and walked away. I did not need any further explanation I understood it perfectly and I walked away.