A Sacred Tradition; Sank)fa – By Elikplim Akorli

The world is changing, running so fast, everybody thinks he is in a race with time, a competition he must necessarily win. Well, I think that’s a thought of deceptive illusion. For no one can win the race of time without taking lessons from the time lords, submitting to ones’ concept of time, for time is one of the teachers of virtue, yet most of humanity have not had reason due to ignoring, to attend classes due the complaint of tight schedules. Well, that’s funny. Could it be a thought of fictitious fiction?

Most people have been driven into compulsive disorder as a result of not being able to patiently listen to the beating heart, the ticking hand of the clock, the show-down of the sun, the wind, the flow of the ocean, rivers, springs, streams and all other moving elements structured in nature as tools of realization, making that conscious decision to execute with the tact of diplomacy the initiatives of time.

Well, on the larger scale, I want to talk about the issue of relationship; Agape and Eros, its yielding adventure, marriage; a containing hub, comparing its twists and turns to the issue of traditional occupation; farming, being my topic for concentration.

Trying to communicate the dawning truths of nature and the wisdom of the early men as modern history tags them. Most of which were not recorded but kept in tales only few people would give attention, a greater part of its truth lost in the vague, except for real men on journeys who are exploring for the realization of the self.

Taking traditional farming into consideration, it first of all requires a piece of fertile land, the land would have to go through a preparatory stage; clearing and making farm beds depending on the kind of crop, plant, fruit, or farming type the person would want to engage in. This article however focuses on crops.

This stage in conjunction with what puts a relationship on the roll on the psychological wave length, would be a ready mind; a mind that has room for the manifestation of its blueprints. Thus clear declaration of intention is made known to each party after they have found themselves worthy of having a relationship.

After the land is prepared and ready for sowing, the approach, mulching and composting is most often used to enrich the soil in order to make sure the seeds have the right environment to bring out the hidden potential. For a relationship, this period is the beginning part of a relationship when a lot of time is spent together to build the bond that would further initiate the ideal behavioral status, serving as a fertile environment for the growth and intimacy of the relationship.

Then comes the period for the sowing of seeds, with a relationship, thoughts and dreams are made clearer in order to adjust dreams and aspirations to fit into a guided harmonious order, drawing to a copula base. In agriculture, this allows for the elements to coherently conspire in order to bring about the expected intent of the farmer; thus taking into consideration the cyclic movements and the kind of seeds to be planted.

In the same vane for a relationship, the experiences of others and personal ones are taken into consideration in order to plant the seed by making an initiatory choice. For instance, in farming, to plant maize, it is advisable to pour it into a bowl of water for the bad seeds to reveal themselves. The bad seeds would float and the seeds of great potential sink, proving they are ready for depth, for depth is a tool of potential.


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