Another One Ghana Cedi Thoughts – By Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni

I can’t say I’m confused, amazed or angry now but one thing is for sure I’m very hungry. After walking  joyously waving my one Ghana cedi like John Painstil waving the Israeli flag during the first Football World Cup(Senior Level) Ghana went to, I get to my morning Hausa ‘koko’ and ‘kose’ joint only to be greeted by a yawning coal pot, capsized tables and chairs.

For the first time in my adult young life I nearly had a heart attack. Even the pure water seller from whom I normally buy water to wash down the koko I had consumed had her pan too empty. And so I asked her whether anything had happened that I, the self styled assembly man and only unit committee member of the Nima junction Hausa Koko joint needed to know she said they were all going for an AFAG demonstration today.

Despite the ‘Gadidimgadimness’ of my tummy I couldn’t help but burst our into a maddening uncontrollable laughter but none the less I had to accept my fate for to day and do another imposed fasting without prayer.As I journeyed on my empty tank with squeaky shock absorbers home, I saw this poster on an event called the ‘Ghana DJ awards’ and then as always my one Ghana cedi thoughts started poking their fingers into my naked hungry stomach but alert brains and so here I am at the café to share my one Ghana cedi thoughts on these award events and what I think of them as my own AFAG demonstration.

Over the last decade we have seen a gargantuan flooding of the entertainment industry though I strongly believe we do not have one, numerous award schemes ranging from Ghana Music awards, Ghana Movie awards, Ghana Fashion Awards among many others and now the new baby of Awards Ghana DJ awards. Though I have many problems with how many of these awards are conducted and how year in year out there are always controversies, accusations and counter accusations, my main thoughts are on how these awards are named.

I may be wrong but my standard five leaver mentality tells me that the use on the name Ghana as a prefix for most of these awards is totally wrong since the award schemes are not run by the Government of Ghana like the Ghana scholarship scheme among others. The bogus nature of most of these awards makes me feel the name of my motherland for which my forefathers shed their blood and for which my uncle had to hide in a car’s boot filled with charcoal to escape tyrants is being tarnished by the very people who smile like roasted yam which due to so much heat explodes claim they are patriotic citizens and want the best for the country.

Lying hypocrites! How on earth can three people share a car they jointly won as an award? And guess what this can only happen in Ghana. One thing we tend to forget is that the individuals or institutions that organize these awards are looking out for profit and once they make that out of sponsorship deals and ticket sales, the do not give a dog’s bark what the outcome of the event is. Ghana. Let’s take Ghana Music Awards as a case study.

Over the last thirteen years controversies have always been the hallmarks of the Awards that I at times tell myself that once someone like Caesar has won an award there, any recording of dogs howling and cat meowing with me doing a line or two over some ‘asorkpor’ or ‘azonto’ Instrumentals will definitely get me an award based on my links. You see it is not the award is mostly not about the quality of work done but by the power of influence exerted by the links you have within the organizing body but trust me just like the Ango proverb,’ e sweet,e sweet, na hin yam take choke goat’, their time will come and their buttocks will be exposed by the wind of change that will hit them when they least expect it.

But then again how can I really fault them totally when Ministers of state grace these awards events and give their two by four speeches and the Attorney General’s office who are supposed to know better do nothing about this then who am I as an individual to cause a change but the least I can do is to express my one Ghana cedi thoughts on this. As I leave this café I pray that at least the Koko seller comes to work so I do not starve myself two consecutive days.