Coals Of A Dream – By Elikplim Akorli


Lying in bed this afternoon

Blowing winds of national concern

Lifting me high for a message

The knowledge of books prick my mind

Teasing of purpose…in a voice distinct;

“Why are you living son”


I smile with cheer

Dreaming down the lane of recollected memories…

All of a sudden, feet dock upon a bank;

Will steering for the passion that sponsored the quest for freedom

Mother Ghana greasing my bows with strength

Coals of a dream!


Coals of a dream!

I pray to God for inspiration;

The magic of being active in the moment

Like a fisherman cleaning nets,

Fixing broken ties for a real catch

Coals of a dream

Refueling the passion of nationhood;

Dreams of our founding fathers…

Will you join for action

Or stand akimbo to betray patriotism

No, not again…not today…

Onwards we march

Coals of a dream


On the banks of lost horizons

I sit gazing for inspiration; the blessing of God

And wow, the sun in splendor magic

Touches to weave my brow for inspiration

Strength in sight; a blessing from the ancestors


Coals of a dream

Africa must unite!

Her greater glory to shine bright

Her radiance, again to guide worlds for reason


O Goddess of the continent

I invoke you!

May your glistening staff be raised once again

Lighting up fires, clearing clogged veins

Revitalizing bones, filling with strength

Awakening children to walk in the day

Ushering in an age of golden reality



O hail!

To the heroes of the revolution

To those whose torches were not passed on

Resulting from the greed of selfishness

We beseech your hearts once again

Be filled with cheer

Now, pass on the torch

Gallant men of opportunity await


O hail to Kwame Nkrumah

Though in silly childishness your peers betrayed,

Your flame of selflessness still shines in bright example

I ask that you guide in spirit

Mending spokes of branded glory

Passing on the torch to souls of strength;

Rolling wheels of heavy carts

Working hand in hand for lovely cheer,

A dream of brotherhood

Fulfilling destiny’s reign


Fellow flame wielders!

Lock arms, so says the command!

Lock arms!



O spirit of the resurrection

In God’s delight

Fill us now with guided imagery

Sipping on the breathe of nature’s purity

Guide our will to manifest the dream

Lighting up with thunder the coals of a dream


O hail to Freedom and Justice

Guardian eagle of golden cure

Clutch the reins of power again

Tearing apart weakness from sight

Pricking each head with thy golden beak

Bringing all under protective cure

Restore us to the dream of destiny

Each man with a seal in heart

Steering to honor the divine blueprint


O coals of a dream

With bellows blow

Bring afire the reason for nationhood;

A reign of golden destiny…


Wake up!

Wake up Ghana!

Wake up Africa!


Coals of a dream!

* We are PROUD to announce that one of our very own great poets on WTA will launch his book of poetry soon.