FOSAG’s Open Letter To Ghanaian Politicians – By Kwaku Sonny


We can see a number of politicians

Going round the country campaigning with musicians

One would have thought that elections was about numbers, why not mathematicians

Or better still the statisticians


You see, they want to sing sweet songs of lies into our ears

When they have not redeem the promises they have given over the years

God forgive us, we don’t know what will happen when you appears

We have been soaked up with hardship and tears


You took the power only to compensate your financiers

How can a caterer win a bid to construct a road when we have engineers?

What were our reward party sympathizers and foot soldiers?

Enigma, T-shirts and petty party souvenirs


Now you have come again

That we should help you to campaign

This time how different is your message going to be from that of Ya-Na and issues of cocaine?

How sure are we that our efforts will not be in vain?


When you took over power the only thing that has changed about the lives of us the followers

Is that we can now sleep more hours

Because there are no jobs for us

You have enroll your children in foreign schools and left ours


I remember, when we use organize rallies in the rains

Travelling from Tamale to Elubo to Afram plains

All in the name of campaigns

After everything Honorable will give us a few reds and his girlfriends, the greens


2012, let me disclose our topmost agenda

We will work in the interest of the nation, no more propaganda

We will not politicians to keep monkeys without veranda

We don’t want to experience what happened in Rwanda


We shall only work with politicians whose messages are based on facts

Our work will purely base on agreements and contracts

We shall not work with politicians whose Ideas seems like abstracts

And we will not deceive ourselves that we are working for them to get contacts


2012 will be our next cocoa season

Our slogan is going to be ‘’NOKO FIO, response…Money be the reason”

We will not allow ourselves to be poisoned

SO TAKE NOTE politicians…..


We will want to use this opportunity to tell the general public that our membership

forms will be out this November

We will urge you to be a member

We are moving with the green light, no more amber

Our slogan again ‘’NOKO FIO, response…Money be the reason” please remember

Thank you



FOSAG (Foot Soldiers Association of Ghana)