Enemy IN The Savanah – By Anthony Gyening-Yeboah

A mother leopard and her son once sat at the summit of a giant bald tree in the Savannah grassland. Together, both of them enjoyed the silent and gentle battering of the host wind. They nodded and shook their pinna to the sound and tongue of the silent strolling wind.


As they lay quietly and listening to the music of the wind, the son said to the mother, “Mother, you’ve taught me the art of hunting. You showed me what to eat and what not to eat. You told me of where I come from. You also said to me, ‘Son, under the canopy on this summit is safe’”. The son continued, “Mother, we eat gazelles and antelopes. Seriously, none of them hurt us. In fact, they are afraid of us, and also, they eat not what we eat. Mother, there is a last thing you’ve never told me. And today I’m going to ask you to tell me”. The son then whispered to the mother, “Who are my enemies?”


The mother got up abruptly and sat gently. She stared at the son without a blink. Her eyes were like the full moon of the new years’ eves’ dark nights. She then said, “Everyone who gets close to you is your enemy”. She continued, “Now son, who is the closest to you at this moment?” “Mother, it’s you.” He said solemnly and bowed. “No son! You’re the closest to your own self. You’re your first enemy. In fact, at this moment, I am your enemy too. This is because I am the next person close to you”, said the mother. The son got up and shrieked, “Mother! Then I’m your enemy too! So why haven’t you killed me? Or you’re still putting your plans together like a jigsaw.”


“No!” said the mother. “I’ve already killed you” she said gently and smiled. The son blinked uncontrollably and continuously with his pinna stooping like a dishonest and coward knight. The mother continued, “To kill an enemy is very far from taking the enemy’s life away. But rather, to kill an enemy means to make numb the aura of the both the presence and absence of the enemy. Whether he lives or dies, you will still be who you are; who you were; and who you will be. In fact, nothing changes in you.


Son, whether you are there or not, I will still be a leopard. I keep my nuance.” “Mother”, said the son. “So how do I kill myself who is an enemy to me?” The mother answered, “Son, whether you live or die; whether you are harmed or healed; coerced or persuaded; convinced or deceived, let everything that happens around you be numb to the necessary cause of your existence –  ‘Dignitati’. Thus, never alter the truth – your dignity.”


The son looked at his mother with astonishment and thoughtfulness. He unconsciously murmured “dignity, dignitati” to himself till her mother embraced him with love.

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