The WORD! – By Fo Fovi

I happened to attend an ICGC church today and it was cool. I cannot recall the last time it dawned on me to go to church, but throughout the week, I had the urge to attend one and was hastily counting down to Sunday so I could go fellowship with any ‘cool’ church since I did not even know which one to attend. It was so because we now have a proliferation of churches around, like the space-to-space joints, with funny, funny names and suspicious characters who parades as Pastors, Reverends and all kind of self-appointed names.

All too soon it was Sunday and I started feeling reluctant to go to church but after a little deliberation, I told myself I will have to attend today’s church against all odds, regardless of who is preaching or not, all I wanted was to be in the house of the LORD, so I went. As soon as I got there, everybody was looking at me to my chagrin but it wasn’t the first time I was being faced by curious and an expectant crowd so I was finally ushered to sit somewhere. Even that was dramatic because they did not know where to direct me to, all the ushers were confused as to if I should sit at the back, with the ladies, at the front or even where the elders sat, so I ignored all of them and made myself comfortable.

The late comer that I was, the pastor had already started preaching so I decided to listen aptly to what was left of his message, after all it was not the first time I was about to listen to the word of GOD. The pastor preached powerfully that I was awakened and decided to share what I heard with all of you especially those who mind. I will just try as much as possible to just write or say it the way he delivered, almost verbatim because am actually reporting.

He said “if you don’t create a good future for yourself, you will regret it so it is necessary we design a purposeful future”.  There is no limitation to what u can become, all you require is a vision, a dream which will intend give you direction. You need a realistic and an achievable goal or vision as stated in Habakkuk 2:2-3.

The size of your dream must be very big and international, Instead of feeling limited to your locality.” My mom could not afford my school fees”, “we are poor”, ‘I can’t do it’ are mostly what clouts our thoughts thus impeding our efforts, thereby creating a barrier between us and our dreams. Many are depending on you to move on so you can’t fail. If you don’t have a vision, you’ll end up working for those who have vision.

You have to also build a capacity because your skills determine where you work and sometimes who you work with; though debatable it is true to an extent. Preparing for an opportunity is a necessity because when preparation meets opportunity, it becomes graceful and a favor.

He continued to admonish us to cultivate the habit of a finisher. It is not just enough to start. Everybody can start anything but having the spirit and the ability to accomplish it, is what distinguishes you from the lot and yes, you are the chosen one to accomplish whatever it is your family has started, whatever it is your community has started, whatever it is the nation and the world at large has started. Our leaders have failed us so you are the promised one to lead your community out of the doldrums.

Finally, forget the past because it has the potential to pull you down. It is a new day and nothing is late, so start from where you are and you will be a testimony unto others. May God bless all of us to be shining lights in our various corners.  Somebody say Amen!!