Why I hate Sundays…

Have you ever noticed that the shows on TV on Sunday are absolute crap? This is what plays on Sundays on my TV, on various channels;
1. Sports.
Freakin’ sports. Not even a wide variety of sports, no… just football/rugby/whatever you want to call it. Just a bunch of testosterone-y chromosomed men in short shorts flailing around. Yes! And they do show that all goddamned day.
2. OLD shows.
Like, really old. Black and white old. Shows with Elizabeth Taylor in them. Shows that make cultural references that we don’t even get.

3. Third-rate comedies.

The kind that think pairing a fat guy with a beautiful girl is, in itself, hilarious. The kind that make frequent use of fart jokes. The kind that make all intelligent people groan and hastily change the channel before their IQ is dragged down further.

From this, I gather that networks, on Sundays, are catering to; men, old people, and idiots.

Maybe this arrangement is a remnant from the days when women stayed at home all week and watched TV (which is why I suspect soap operas air on daytime TV during the week), and Sunday was the mens’ day to relax.

Maybe the networks believe that old people play bowls during the week, and watch TV on Sundays to give their rheumatoid limbs a rest.

Maybe they believe that Sunday is the day that idiots all over Australia sit down and watch the appropriately named idiot-box.

Whatever the reason, it’s a pain in the arse.Sunday is the day when party-goers of all ages are nursing their hangovers, hoping to be lulled into zombitude by something remotely interesting to watch.

Sunday is the day that people want to veg out in front of the TV before starting a new week. Sunday is the day that people spend with their families, doing familial things like being couch potatoes together.
That is the time to give something family to watch. Make ingenuity an invention on TV, not all those mum and dumb stuff.

Note to the networks; I hope you get sent to your own private hell, where you must watch imbecility masquerading as comedy, fun and entertaining in black and white, for all eternity.
*This hearty writer is a young psychology student from Australia. Catch her thought provoking writings on scornfulprose.blogspot.com.