MEN ONLY… A letter to GOD – By Yussuf Daakyehene Bouda

 Father Lord, sorry to ask this but, ”why did u create them?” You know better but if u ask me, i will say the Garden of Eden and the animals there in would have been enough companionship for Adam.

Honestly, TROUBLE has been their middle name. From the day they were brought, they have been an obstacle to man’s progress and the destroyers of man’s happiness.

It is true that behind every successful man, they are there… But behind every unsuccessful man, they are there too.

Sometimes, I wonder if their existence is a Curse or a Blessing… For man is never happy with or without them.

They call us cheats, liars, gossips, pretenders etc… But truthfully these are not the attributes of men. Rather, they are the true definition of who those accusers are.

Life would have been peaceful and simple without them…

They claim men don’t give them the opportunity to soar higher… They claim they are being abused day-in day-out by men. But YOU made man the head for a reason, for they would have turned us into doormats and walked over us if YOU had made it the other way round.

Sometimes I wonder if they came from some other planet either than planet earth cos, their sense of reasoning and understanding is far more different from usual.

If we call, we are calling too much. If we don’t, then we don’t care.

If we visit, we are visiting too much. If we don’t, then we don’t love them.

If we say, ‘I LUV U’, we don’t mean it. If we don’t say it, then we are not romantic enough…

Haaba…! What again should we do to make them happy?

No wonder more men are turning Gay cos we just can’t stand them anymore!

If only they can understand issues the way we do.., If only they can see things the way we do.., I believe the world would have been the most peaceful place to live in, words like DIVORCE would be deleted from the Dictionary and Gayism and Lesbianism would be a thing of the past.

The title of this Note is, ”MEN ONLY”. But because of their Inquisitiveness, they will read this note more than the men… Lol. They just can’t help it; it’s their nature.

Hmmmm! I wonder what they would have turned out to be if YOU had used all our ribs to create them.

Thank you for reading this FATHER…! Hope to hear from YOU soon…!