Sometimes we wished some individuals we love so much got to know some basic perceptions we have gathered from the little interactions we have had with nature and her constituents. But it appears that no medium is as effective as an eye to eye discourse with these persons.

But the unfortunate thing is that, the eye to eye discourses sometimes have an hour glasses sitting right beside them, and this may make the nuances of the discourses also be missing. In view of that, we make do with any medium available, just to say a few of that which we know, and probably find another time and another medium to give the little we have left.

After publishing ‘An intercourse with my son’, some of my readers recommended that I write a letter to my daughter as well. After several weeks of thinking of what to write to my daughter as I did for my son, I decided I would wish to meet my daughter and have a father-daughter chat with her instead. This is because, as men, we should fear women; but as a woman, fear both men and women. Each point of my daughter’s life is as crucial and vulnerable like a rudderless ship. I will prefer to see her; and speak with her till death separates us. In case I do not get the opportunity to see her, I know very well that I can trust the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom of my wife.

Be that as it may, I will epitomize a little of that which I know pertaining to men, women, and friends with my daughter in this writing. With respect to that which I will tell her about education, it will be the same as that which I wrote to my son in ‘An intercourse with my son’. This is because it is my dream that men and women become HUMANS THROUGH EDUCATION THAT OFFERS HOLISTIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE AND NATURE; AND ALSO OFFERS TOOLS FOR  CRITICAL THINKING, REASONING, AND GROWTH.



As Rene Descartes doubted everything till he had proven those he could otherwise through serious reasoning and scrutiny, I will also advice my daughter to doubt all men until she declares any of them to be trustworthy after a long period of meditation, discernment, reasoning, and critical observation according to her own discretion. But you should remember that her discretion will be formed by the intense and holistic education that she would go through.

Men have several evil, funny and interesting reasons for hovering around women. Since a woman may never know the actual reason why a man may be coming around, she should be very prudent and cautious in dealing with him, especially during the woman’s heydays. Just as myriad pieces of information found on the internet have made it difficult in indentifying authentic sourced information, myriad men under the cover of the bible, gentility, and fake thoughtfulness have also made it difficult in identifying the few angels available. But the fact is, inability does not mean impossibility. Just open your eyes, and be cautious. Because a man’s life can be easily renovated, but a woman’s life, once messed up, it is very difficult putting the pieces back together.

Also, woman know thyself. As a woman live not by the compliments from men; and on the gifts of men. Know that you are a princess; know that you are of dignity; and know who you are. The mouth of men can be guided by their penises, and not by their brains. Hence, let not the mouth of men be thy daily bread, but be wise and observant.

As a woman, do not hesitate to pause and think for a moment even if your emotions burn like inferno. AS A WOMAN, THINK AND WATCH. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE ABLE TO FIND A TRUSTWORTHY MAN OF INTEGRITY, YOU ARE BETTER THAN A WOMAN OF INTEGRITY WHO FOUND A FOOL.


As a woman, your own kind is as mysterious as yourself. Know what to tell them, and what not to tell them; and know what to show to them, and what not to show to them. AS A WOMAN, THINK AND WATCH.


Niccolo Machiavelli in his book, ‘The Prince’, explained that a wise prince has wise counselor. But the wise prince is wise not because of his counselors, since he would have to be wise in order to select wise counselors, and then move a step further to select the wisest and the most prudent counsel from all the wise counsels offered by all the counselors. This means, as a woman you should have wisdom, or else, even if you surround yourself with the smartest people in universe, you could still be foolish. AS A WOMAN, THINK AND WATCH, ELSE YOU SHALL BE BLOWN OFF LIKE CHAFF.



Do not be led by your emotions when myriad men come around. Remember that, that which you felt within your heart when first guy came around might be the same as that which you will be feeling when the second guy also comes around. You shall know it if everything starts. This should inform you that your emotions are like chaff, they follow the direction of the wind, but it is up to you to pause for a moment and think about what you really want for yourself and your children one day.

Remember that you are the one who can select a father for your children. Becareful you do not make a wrong choice. Let it never be said by your children that you were too foolish to have selected a father like that which you have selected for them. BE WISE AND THINK. Emotions come and go, but that which will keep you in a relationship for long are the parameters you thought of reasonably before entering into the relationship. BE WISE AND THINK.



This is the little I can share with my daughter for the mean time. Throw away any of the above you deem unfit according to your wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and education.