Any University Required Phone? – By Badhan Diallo

Last semester was a crappy semester, or maybe it wasn’t. A lot happened and a

Are you Phone Chic?

lot couldn’t happen that could have happened. The absurdities remain. It’s not like Woyome’s scandal affects us in any way, or does it? We live in our own world here and life on campus took a quick turn towards an interesting trend.

In an age where having an android or an iphone is the technologically savviest thing you wouldn’t expect students in the University of Ghana to fall behind , hell no! If you use a blackberry and you think it’s cool, errrmm chances are you are still living five years back or your mind needs to be refreshed on global trends. Symbian?! No comments! Did anyone say China? Not now, please. I need some silence in here :d

I think, arguably, the biggest smart phone app to have hit campus was WhatsApp, it’s still the biggest. It’s a social requirement. Facebook chat? I think most of us are over that. Twitter is just compensation and where nobodies tell you about their lives…like I care. Back to the WhatsApp thing; the app works only on android, IOS powered phones (not forgetting the blackberry and symbian phones). Here’s where the drift is; the ‘least’(in terms of smartness and price tag) phone models that are compatible with this app are the nokia c3, x2…

They are, by far, the commonest WhatsApp models on campus. They are the university required phones required to be socially accepted. The phrase ‘’I want a WhatsApp phone’’ is getting quite common. I never knew the silicon valley geeks that started WhatsApp inc. had started manufacturing phones…please bite me! I seem to have lost track of events at silicon valley.

My roommate had no other explanation as to why he has over 150 WhatsApp contacts but to shrug and snap ‘’too many x2’s and c3’s…’’. well a phone is a phone; whether it’s as huge as Barney’s lust for women or as small as Ted’s chances of finding a soul mate. Back in the late nineties having a phone (or the heavy chunk of assembled plastic and chips) was the coolest thing. I’m still trying to figure out why most people held their phones when moving around; was it because the phones were too huge or it was because having a phone was the thing.

Well time passed, seconds flew into minutes and hours got high and dived into days, and phones became smaller. You remember the story of Adam and Eve and how they were originally naked in the garden, and their eventual value for clothes? Guess what? We are almost back in Eden. An Eden with naked women and very huge phones(*blackberry). I thought the blackberry was supposed to be cute, the fruit is. So I ask myself if it’s the BBM or the size of blackberries that keep them out of pockets and handbags? Apples are kind of huge and I can’t imagine forcing one into my pocket.

I don’t treat people differently because they don’t have access to my social network, I treat people differently when they don’t fit into my mindset. There’s a requirement for every community, if you don’t have that requirement it doesn’t make you a non-member; sadly you become a disregarded member. Thanks to the x2’s and c3’s, we can all say no to text messaging and phone calls (maybe). We wouldn’t try to distinguish between my android or my roommate’s iphone from your university required phone because WhatsApp works for us all…