Can Someone Put The Lights On, PLEASE!!! – By Selikem Tenu Kweku

Today as I sat at my constituency at the Nima junction waiting to be served my usual One Ghana cedi dosage of Hausa Koko and kose whilst watching the gadidimgadimness of Hajia and Isha’s buttocks that increased the libido of my stomach. As they moved to and fro serving those that were there before me, my attention was rudely interrupted by an interview being granted the PRO of VRA by the News paper reviewers of OK fm on why the lights went off last night.

Her rediculous reasons and attempts to explain why the lights went off can actually win her the best comedian of the year award female division in my opinion. This is true beacause I believe the male division is being strongly contested for by members of governments communication team. Though very hungry  she had me ‘Mdfskkkkking’ (rolling on the floor with laughter).

Now her reason for the lights going off is that the voltage that was being consumed was too much for the machine to handle due to the fact that people were watching football and had their televisions among other electrical gadgets were on.  She ludicruously went further to say that we need to recultivate the habit of gathering as a community to watch television rather than watch our individual television sets at home whenever there is a football match or a favorite program.

In order to bring my thoughts to bear on this issue I have imposed on myself a sacrificial fasting so that I could go to the internet café. Now if my One Ghana cedi mind serves me right, I believe the football matches showed yesterday were only running on the Supersports channel on DSTV and not on any of the local television channels.

Again, how many of the television owning homes in Ghana have DSTV that the lights will go off because people were watching football? I believe we have reached a point in this country where any Memunatu, Ajele or Koku can just stand up and say whatever they want all in the name of being a PRO for a company or an organization without taking their time to examine and re-evaluate whatever they have to say in doing damage control.

This is becoming a cancerous worm that if not eradicated will one day bring the already wobbling knees of the country down to the ground. As my grandfather used to say, ‘ if a fish is to get rotten it starts from the head’ so really, who am I to fault her when even the mouth pieces of the ruling government do virtually the same thing in trying to do damage control and end up damaging the already damaged situation.

Let me not go into politics but look at things from a logical point of view.   As an individual I will be disconnected from the electricity grid if I default in payment, somehow I also pay taxes to subsidize any other usages of electricity and so tell me why shouldn’t I get a better service? The statement by the VRA PRO, Mrs. Koomson, that a lot of people are using electricity hence the on and off of lights at ungodly hours is a result of that is so childish and unprofessional.

If we enter into a bargain and I have been able to uphold my part, what stops you from making sure you also stick to your side of the bargain and make life easier for everyone by making sure we have uninterrupted electricity? If you feel the voltage supply to the nation is inadequate put in measures to increase the voltage so everyone can have electricity.

When I hear lame excuses like these, my emotions get confused, for I do not know whether at the end of their submissions they will scream ‘Gotcha! April fool’ though the month might not be April or whether  we should flog them like the days of inter school football matches when your teacher/coach will call you to the sidelines and give you six strokes on you buttocks for giving a wrong pass or scoring an own goal.

Most of the service providers in this country take we the citizenry for granted so much so that we have come to accept this as a norm and will only  rave and rant for a few seconds when they perform poorly which in actual terms has become so idiosyncratic of them. The failure or success of most service providers to fully meet the expectations of their clients has led to a sort of Wild West mentality among us now- a ‘let me get/do what I can while I can’ mode of thinking, which actually feeds corruption among the populace, and also feeds the indiscipline we see in so many spheres of Customer service delivery.

If the service providers to whom I hold myself accountable are not delivering on their own commitments, why should I deliver on my accountability to them as a client? Well the clock is ticking and my one Ghana cedi is almost exhausted so I will like end here and entreat us all to ponder on whether or not it is high time we demand what is duly ours from service providers one we have availed ourselves .

If you want to have an open discussion with me tomorrow meet me at the koko base near the Nima Junction and let us drink and nibble as we talk and discuss the way forward. I just hope my one Ghana cedi worth of Hausa koko and kose will be enough for us to share as these one Ghana cedi thoughts of mine.