100% – By Ebi Smart

Once upon a time,

there lived a man who did what he did,

what he did caused her to do what she did,

what they did they did 100%


like a soft music to a troubled heart

we were,

she gave everything without a thought,

it was 100%


she was judged and still being judge,

they threw stones and will not let her

a moment rest.

they did what they did, they did 100%


you whispered;

like the ocean flow so will your protection be.

then the wind blew in the midst of the noisome pestilence,

an awakening to the soul

oceans do not flow,

rivers flow.

you lied the way you did, you lied 100%


you moan foul, you gather elders to hear your plight,

you seek sympathy from those who are blinded and cannot feel.

they cheered you on in your folly,

as you did what you did.


she sat in the cool of the night,

hoping, praying, wondering and pondering

how it could be,

how did it become like this.


you invaded her calmness

with the emblem of your personality

you did what you did, you did 100%.


They called you “The Saint”

but in your deeds there was nothing saintly.

you tried hard.

so you weaved lies like a weaver.


Today the day of reckoning

You cry foul.

You did what you did, you did 100%

She did what she did, she did 100%

Cry and moan no more

You gave 100%

She gave 100%

The result is were we are today.


So here she is ready to let go 100%

Not looking back of the deeds of yester years

Ready to do the deeds of tomorrow 100%

To let flow the refreshing liquid that has been bottled down

To freely give 100%

To lay down 100%

To live 100%

To Love 100%

To conquer 100%

As way lead unto way

We did what we did, we did 100%!!