Ten Things That Would Never Change – By Francis Doku

1. Women will always nag…don’t pray to God to change that, it’s a waste of effort as a chunk of her make-up as a woman would be gone the day nagging goes. By the way, there is no assymetrical relationship between nagging and love, mind

2. Boys will always be boys…take them as they are is my advice to women because that is who they are and will forever be, try change them and you have drag queens

3. We’ll always be looking at the telephone in a telephone conference…I don’t know why but it is a behaviour that would remain with us till Alexander Graham Bell comes back for his invention

4. Politicians will always be who they are: they’ll promise what they know they cannot fulfill and they’ll continue to lie…there’s not much the rest of us can do about that for that’s the stock of their trade

5. Lawyers would always hold the view that they are the most learned in society…try telling them there are others more learned and they’ll give you at least seven arguments why…just leave them be

6. A friend will always tell you the truth…when everybody thinks you are the best it takes only a friend to tell you boldly who you really are…whoever tells you the truth is your friend

7. Some people will always go to other people’s funeral not to mourn but to have fun…that’s just the way they are and there’s not much you or I can do about that

8. Mothers will always be selfless and loving…I have always wondered what God gave mothers that he didnt give others…it’s amazing

9. Bosses will always be right and subordinates will always be wrong…that’s just the way it is, not much we can do about it

10. Jamaica will always have wee smokers and there will always be drunkards in my village…both would never change!