What Are Your Money Senses? – By Maximus Ametorgoh

A lady expects of the man she is developing interest for or would love to have for a life-long union to have some senses when it comes to money.How are you able to work for or with money?

1. Sense of Work/Industry: You must have work to ensure a reliable source of legitimate income. It must be an honest and expandable source of income. Hard work involving diligence and intelligence portrays a clear sense of industry.

2. Sense of Management: With the resources or incomes you earn from the work, to what measure are you able to manage them judiciously and with a forward-thinking approach.

3. Sense of Expenditure: Do you buy things which you need first before buying what you want? Many at times, we want to impress other people by buying things that we do not readily need. This results in unexpected future costs. It is expected that you follow through a list of things in order of priority. Be your own competition.

4. Sense of Forecast: In case your source of income ceases, what are the plans you have put in place? You must be able to anticipate future occurrences in order to plan for them. You must have strategies for seasons of lack and plenty.

5. Sense of Exchange/Barter: What value, in terms of returns, do you get from your exchange of money? You can spend money to make your relationships better, on personal development or furnish your house. On the other hand, will you spend your money on pleasurable stuffs including chasing other ladies?

6. Sense of Goodwill/Philanthropy: What are the things you spend your money on for free? Some things can be done with money without anything monetary return. Do you pay your brothers or sisters school fees out of responsibility? Do you help your friends just to make them feel better? This touches the nerve of motherliness in them.

7. Sense of Frugality: You must know the amount of money you spend a day, month and yearly on things that you want to buy. You must know when to enter into a financial agreement which will not have any adverse consequences on your flow of income. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. Be frugal.

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