English Grammar Peeves… – By Daniel Hanson-Dzah

These are my top fifteen Ghana grammar pet peeves. Though very cliché, you’ll find them everywhere from newspapers to memos to television and radio news reports in Ghana. The best debaters and commentators use them with absolute pride. The average master or mistress of ceremony throws them around with proud smiles. They are awarded marks by English teachers and lecturers all over the country. They aren’t grammatically wrong, but I’ve just grown tired of hearing them and I bet these phrases loathe the workload placed on them.
1. “It’s rather unfortunate…”

2. “…were given the shock of their lives…”

3. “Any inconvenience is deeply regretted”

4. “It is incumbent on government…”

5. “Tomorrow by this time…”

6. “Without much ado…”

7. “The body has since been deposited at the mortuary.”

8. “It is incumbent on the government…”

9. “Fear gripped the residents of…”

10. “…has stressed the need for…”

11. “…nothing to write home about.”

12. “…has called on”

13. “Plans are far advanced…”

14. “…expressed the need/desire”

15. “To add insult to injury…”


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