Occupational Gossip – By Badhan Diallo

They say, they say...WHO said?

I walked by a couple of girls and some seconds later I realized I had given them something to talk about. There is this perception that being a girl is synonymous to being a gossip but honestly boys are worst off. This is another instance where I’m stunned by the gender imbalance in our society, not that I’m one of those men who crawl behind the female gender advocates. Those women get a law degree or a masters’ degree in some social science course and think they can litter the place with so much talk on gender equity. I love women because I was raised by a single mother but sometimes we have to be real enough to realize what’s worth it and what’s not. Some of these same women have other women as their maids and babysitters, why don’t they educate/empower their maids for a start? Yeah, I said it!
I have met a lot of boys who only talk about people. I know someone on campus we call the walking registry. You simply have to mention a name to him and he will give you the basic information a stalker might require. I am one of those who are, maybe, constantly spoken about. I realized it somewhere last year. ‘’Oh so you are the Badhan boy’’, ‘’yeah I’ve been seeing you around’’, ‘’oh yes I know you’’ are common statements I hear when I’m being introduced to TOTAL STRANGERS. I have sat down in male discussion circles and listened to boys make derogatory remarks about other boys, call ‘good’ girls whores and talk about the girls they have had sex with. I remember this boy who utters the words ‘’I chop am’’ any time a girl he knows is mentioned in a discussion. It makes me wonder the kind of stuff people say about me.
I’m wondering what it is with the occupational gossip, the obstinate urge to talk about someone. A typical Akan will ask you ‘’why are your ears doing you sweet like that?’’(word for word translation from the Akan language). For some reason people want to be in the know. They want to be abreast with what’s happening in other people’s lives. What happened to minding your own business? That’s the reason why that new Ghanaian rumour mongering twitter handle currently has over 6,000 followers. People are more interested in rumours and gossip than on progressive thoughts and actions.
The next time you pass by a gathering of human beings, just know that a lot might be said about you depending on your worth. Some people are lucky not to have had even a word said about them. The thing is, even if no word is said about you then it means they passed comments about you in their minds.
So ’do your ears do you sweet?’.
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