Freedom Of Speech With Responsibility! – By Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni

This morning as I sat at my constituency at the Nima Roundabout taking my morning Hausa Koko and Kose whilst watching the heavens that threaten to weep and let the tears of rainfall; I couldn’t help but wonder if there is something fundamentally wrong with us as Ghanaians. This was after a crowd passed the roundabout chanting war songs and waving placards that had the inscription ‘Free Kennedy Agyepong  Now!’ Just then my two by four ‘china phone’ phone rang.

Yes, I have reverted to using it rather than the smartphone that in no way made me smarter than I already am. Lo and behold it was my Uncle, Hans Kofi Boni a former Minister in the erstwhile Nkrumah and Limann governments (I doubt whether most of you have even heard of him). He wanted to know what my take was on this whole Kennedy Agyepong arrest for alleged treason and the hullaballoo it was creating in the capital.

His question sparked a gross amount of curiosity in me since he had never asked me anything about my political inclination before. Why would an old politician like my uncle want to know my thoughts on these cursed ‘blessings’ of a NPP NDC politics that we have in Ghana.

After all, he had spent a lot of time himself in prison for offences only God knows all in the name of politics. He had at one point been locked in a car boot and smuggled like a bag of cocoa into Togo to avoid arrest and detention so he must has a lot of ideas as to what politics in Ghana is. At 84 he has seen the transitions of all the governments in the country so what am I going to say that will make a difference to what he already knows? And so I share with you the One Ghana cedi thoughts I shared with my uncle

Personally, I have tried as much as possible to stay clear of any kind of politics in the public domain after witnessing certain behaviors of individuals I somehow thought highly of when it comes to NDC and NPP but today as I sit behind this monitor at this café whilst the heavens tear up, I can’t help but believe that these tears are as a result of God being heartbroken at the occurrences with our politics within the last 48 hours especially. Just as the hawk does not care two hoots about the chickens, so are our politicians.

We Are All Involved

The most pathetic thing I have observed is that most persons especially the youth who call themselves educated and enlightened and should be channeling their energies into more productive ventures are the ones defending these politicians in the streets and on the media airwaves. Now let’s look at the issue from a non political view. If our President says He is God fearing and a man of peace why can’t he bring to order his Ministers and government officials whose tongues are acerbic and sharper than my grandfather’s firewood cutting cutlass?

If Nana Addo feels he wants to rule this country why won’t he advise his party members to refrain from uttering statements that are divisive? I thought when Kwame Nkrumah declared independence for Ghana on the 6th of March 1957, he meant no matter which region you come from we are all one people and must act so. Come to think of it, we do not have only Gas livening in Accra neither do we have only Voltarians living in the Volta Region.

Let us call an airplane an airplane and not a bird of foreign origin. Nii Lantey Vanderpue declared war on the Akans in the Odododio constituency especially the ones at Kantanmato and the Police did not find anything wrong with this act to cause his arrest. Kennedy Agyepong declares war on Ewes and Gas and he is arrested for alleged treason because somebody at the castle says he needs to be arrested as it is alleged.

Double standards to the highest degree if you ask me. Yet our President says he is a peaceful man. I’m not condoning the action of Kennedy Agyepong in anyway but I feel its high time we especially the youth open our open yet closed eyes to the selfishness of these people we call leaders. Whatever is wrong is wrong whether done by someone in NDC or NPP no matter which political party is in power.

We need to let the rule of law take its cause and stop this selective justice thing. I have already read some comments by friends chastising Kennedy Agyepong and all I wish is that they just like me will not get involved in this political concert party. Trust me our politicians are really comedians and yet here we are at each other’s throats defending their gibberishness.Let us wake up from the slumber of believing that we as Ghanians are peaceful and therefore take things for granted. Trust me if we are put in the same situation as Rwanda or Liberia we would do worst things. It is the grace and favor of the Lord that is seeing us through these circumstances.

Kwame Gyan a fine gentleman whose writings I love to read a lot, wrote an article and made a very important statement that are my sentiments he said ‘If only our radio folks will take their eyes off the revenue for once and think of that country called Ghana and how they can contribute to its onward growth by focusing on the things that matter, we will make good progress.’ But tell me would they want to do that? Everybody or most persons for not wanting to generalize things too much are only thinking of themselves and how much money that can make out of situations and so Kwame’s sentiments and mine are nothing but wishful thinking.

When our President tells a nation in conflict over voters’ registration that he is not a law enforcement officer or a prosecutor and the opposition leader will not come out to condemn this act of violence and violence inciting of party faithfuls whether by his party members or opposition then I can only imagine what will happen during the election period and say they are heartless and very selfish. And so I ask you this question that I have already asked myself, are these people we want to lead us? If Moses, Joshua Mohammed or Jesus were half as self center and greedy as our current day leader would we be where we are now?

Though I am worried, my one Ghana cedi thoughts tells me this is the time for all good men and women to rise and collectively work to prevent chaos, hatred and selfishness from destroying the sacrifices we have all made over the years. Let us act positively in the national interest to avoid chaos and instability because we have just one GHANA and let it not be said that Ghana has become a translation of Fela Kuti’s ‘Sorrow Tears and Blood song. As for me I WILL NOT DIE FOR ANY POLITICIAN AND WILL NOT BE AN INSTRUMENT FOR LAWLESSNESS.


I rest my One Ghana Cedi thoughts.