Her Mother – By Hamza Moshood

Her mother!!!

Her mother is still a teenager but has 2 kids with two different men….Her mother is an illiterate who does not know her own age not to talk of the ages of her two daughters….. Her mother does not work – no!…not at all….Day after day, she sees her mother engaged in fights, getting beaten down….Night after night, she finds herself in a different kiosk where her mother is sexed by a man who is not her father….She is about three years old but has never stepped foot onto a school compound….She goes to bed not knowing what she’s going to have for breakfast the next morning….You might be asking whether her father is alive…..YES!!!….he is very much alive….probably sleeping with ANOTHER woman as you read this….Her mother’s only sister is a 21 years old girl who also has 3kids with 3 different men….hmmmmm……

I cry not for her mother……….

I shed tears not for her totally irresponsible father……

I weep for this 3year old girl…. As little as she is, she is witnessing and experiencing all of this…….plus, she is not getting any education…..What will she grow to become? What will she tell/teach her younger sister who is now about 4 months old? In fact….i ask you;…Do you know the lifelong effect all this trauma is going to have on her???

Say a PRAYER for HER and Her Mother!!!…..

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