The Craft Of Motherhood – By Nana Agyemang Ofosu

A blooming flower by nature’s design
A budding rose from an adorned shoot
The fertile ground of my life.

You housed me till that day
On that bed of pains and screams
Then I arrived.

Your bosom housed me like a nest
Your voice soothing as a singing bird
Lullaby me to sleep.

Like a nomad on a desert
You never abandoned me
To the gaping mouth of the wilderness.

When the scorching wind of life blew
From the barren heights of the deserts,
You were the oasis that quenched my thirst.

I bathed in the sweet juice
Of your thickset fruity bosom
Like morning dew drench plants.

I was a tree from the forest
And with your craft you shaped me
Like the pot of the potter.

Hardship spat on your face for my sake.
You survived hunger to supply my needs,
To say the least, my school fees.

Like a rainbow in the sky
You are the colour of my dreams
Keeping me from rain of destruction.

Though I walk a freeman,
I wear the relics of your hassle
Which have adorned me with a tassel
Of dignity, love and respect.

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