When did we go from the ‘Shifffuus’ to the ‘I’m in Love with Bomayes’? – By Aba Da-Woode

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for days but  kept pushing it ahead with no tangible explanation at all until I read from a Ghanaian website yesterday that one of Ghana’s reps to the Big Brother Africa Stargame has been disqualified from hitting a woman.

Now if there’s one thing you won’t see on this blog because I totally dont get ticked by them, then that will be Reality Shows which in my opinion is the worst thing ever to happen to TV. And the ‘baddest’ part of it is that Africa is hungrily copying this TV culture and as usual like anything we’ve copied, we’re over-doing it.

Everybody  and anybody can be famous these days because of these Reality Shows. You’ve got a big bum? You know how to make a sex tape and make sure it leaks and you might just be on your way to being called a celebrity! If you can be nastier than all these strangers you’ve been made to live with for weeks with cameras all over, then you’re the ish.

What’s is going on folks? Who are these people who sit down and develop these sickening Reality Shows? And why are so many people watching these shows? Whatever happened to values and personal dignity that instead of well scripted dramas etc, we’ll rather watch a group of people being nasty to eachother or a materialistic family being famous bcos one of them has a big bum and did a sex tape?

Some months ago, my friend Prosper Afuti wrote a nice facebook note sharing the same sentiments and I really don’t know what he and other people in Ghana who shares a dislike for these foreign Reality Shows will make of the latest one brewed right under our noses in Accra currently showing on Multi-TV christened ‘Im in Love with Bomaye’!  Now I’ve never watched ‘The Bachelor’ or whatever it’s called but from the little info I’ve come across on the internet, it seems this ‘Im in Love with Bomaye’ has the same concept as ‘The Bachelor’.

And who’s this Bomaye? Alex ‘Bomaye’ Biney was one of Ghana’s reps to last year’s BBA so ofcourse that’s supposed to make him a celebrity thus  Girls (I refuse to use the word Ladies) are supposed to yearn for his attention, right? Someone (I dont know whether it was Alex himself or some production house) decided to make a Reality Show off it by selecting a number of Girls to stay in one apartment with our local champion celebrity Alex.  By the end of the show, he’s  supposed to find his future partner from one of them after so many drama (I really do hope that they ain’t going down on him) just to attract viewers and make the show a success! And the first and last I read anything about the program, one girl was throwing tantrums because eventhough she was supposed to be the one to have spent the night with Alex, he chose another girl. Whadahell? A proper Ghanaian girl? When did things get so low and how did we allow it to get there? Who are these Girls? Where were they picked from and what exactly are they hoping to achieve being part of this show? Fame? No dignity at all.

I’ll rather have the days of programmes like the Osofo Dadzies, Obras, Captain Planets, Doctor Whos, Shiffuus etc back and on only GTV than all these stupid programmes these numerous channels are spewing just to stay ahead.

Im in Love With Bomaye……really? Mighty mmmttcheww from me! Nansins!