Single And The City – By Nana Akosua Opoku

Life in the city is so much fun; though admittedly, the stress, pollution and traffic take away from the fun. But the negatives aside, life in the city is fun and relatively better than life in the village, at least in most situations. The luxury that life in the city accords us must not be ignored. I won’t enumerate just so you can think of the good things that we get just by living in the city.

Nonetheless, there are times when living in the city is not so helpful after all. A case in point is when you are a single person looking for a partner. The thing is that when you are in a village or somewhere that is not as developed and civilised like the city, it is easy to know those who are available on the dating market, as well as their character or attitudes.

In a village where there is only one drinking bar, it is very easy to know those guys who literally live in the drinking bar. And for the ladies, guys are able to tell which of them are hard-working and those ones who are chronically lazy. But the situation is the direct reverse in the city. In fact, it is a headache deciding on who to settle on. The city is made up of different species and there is no telling the real character of that fine gentleman or pretty lady you saw walking down the road. Looking nice is a must in the city. There is no correlation between a person’s looks and his inner person, that is, his/her character.

In a city where is it difficult to find a responsible and reliable person to date and subsequently marry, it is equally difficult to remain single. This is where all the rich men who are constantly in search of fresh young blood to kick some action into their lives are. The temptation is so rife in the city given that there is so much a single person can do yet so little is actually done.

The sad thing is that just when you, as a single person, are minding your business in your little corner, those who are lucky to have found their person will intrude into your space and get so comfy and romantic in your full glare. Those situations are pure torture because it reminds you of exactly what you are missing out in staying single.

Single is nice and so stress-free, but it takes a lot of hard work and self-discipline to be able to stay so. The decision to stay single or attached must be made solely by you and once you have decided, learn to stick to your gun because whatever choice you make will not be an easy battle to fight.

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