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Hello, ‘the fate of our nation tomorrow depends on the stalwarts and youth of today’ has been the most used saying by top most politicians and Statesmen across the globe, even in Africa whenever national leaders are being summoned to a youth meeting. They may never seem to spare this phrase as it underlines the foundation of their commitment to the youth.

As an ardent follower of leadership matters (what most of us call POLITICS), The Duke introduces this virtual and fictional talk show which will seek to discuss African Politics, Economics, Sports and Entertainment from the wild view of the Youth. Coded, Duke Talks Ghana, it  will be a bridge between the Dream of hosting an all YOUTH talk show that will consider the direction of Ghana as a country and Africa as a whole.

The fictional Character of the Duke will be host.  This virtual host will thrill readers and followers of this project with political humour dosed with elements of Sarcasm and the art of creating excitement for the readers and eliminating Boredom from the business of reading long items. Nonetheless, objectiveness will be the insight of his duty as host with the sole aim of feeding the right information to readers. Thanks for granting us your reading attention, we hope you will cooperate in making this project a success.

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First Edition, Duke Talks Ghana on Latter Day Politics.

Welcome, to the very first edition of a dream to reach to the widest group of people with the views and analysis made from the perspectives of the Youth. My humble title is the Duke, I will host you through the online moments of exciting and educative talks on Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Today, we are talking Latter Day Politics of the nation Kwame Nkrumah consultatively rechristened Ghana. We are discussing Politics of the Fourth Republican Era but we are sure we will be citing prior eras as the conversation grows.

My guest is a figure not widely known in National Politics or Youth dispensations but so far as I m aware, has a great chunk of gen of Ghanaian Political issues. Nana Ayimadu, a student at a University in the capital  is my premier guest.

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Welcome Back.

TheDuke: Nana, Welcome.

NA:  Thanks, I am elated to be here.

TheDuke: Nana, first of all which political divide do you belong to?

NA: I. I will say I am liberal and

TheDuke: anti-socialist?

NA: Not that, per se. But I believe Socialism  does not hold the key to our problems especially in Africa looking at the weight of corruption contained in our Public officials. But I agree I am extremely a Liberal Democrat.

TheDuke: To our discussions, how do you assess democracy of Ghana today?

NA: I think we have come far. Although we are not practising the best democracy in the world, ours is more promising compared to other players in the sub-region or Africa as a continent. Indicators I may cite include the Independence of State Arms (like the Judiciary), the existence of Pressure Groups and Policy Think Tanks and some freedoms which are remarkably respected across the length and breadth of the country. The Human Rights environment, and the diversity of Political Parties existence compounded with the constitutionality of governance, I mean we have achieved something since we assumed modern Democracy in 1992.

TheDuke: Do you see Ghana on a safe path to development?

NA: Duke, one of the issues I fault our consecutive governments since 1992 on is the grounds on which they assess or value our development and progress. If you will bear with me, the whole talk of our development has been on figures and wide away from realities. After rebasing our Economical figures in 2010, we found out that Ghana attained Middle Income Status in somewhere 2006, but the question is how many lives reflected this assumption from that year.

I must say, successive governments have done their part but all I can say is as a nation, our approach to realistic development is nothing to write home about.  The Rawlings led government from 1993 to 2000 guided by the Structural Adjustments Programs of the Breton Wood Institutes concentrated on rebuilding the foundation of our nation which had been ruined by over Twenty years of nonsensical Military junta and stratocracy.

The Kufour Led government which took over from 2000 attempted to drive the nation towards real achievements but it seemed they had few time to do so.

Talk of the current government, I think they are backed by resources and all they are left with is the political will and what I call critical leadership to deliver

TheDuke: What do you call Critical Leadership? I want to know that..

NA: Duke, as my father will put it, it is no ‘huhudious’ term. It is just the ability to discharge leadership duties and roles in extremely difficult and challenging periods. Looking at this government, the potency for it to deliver massively is very faint considering the leadership crisis that exists in their party and government structure.

TheDuke: Critically, how do you assess Mills as President

NA: My view on this is purely political no matter how you judge it…So if you will permit me to go on….

TheDuke: Yeah, you can pour it out

 NA: In the first place, I believe Prof. Mills is an accidental leader just like Hilla Liman. He was just not ready to rule or not a figure for National politics. This does not mean I undervalue him as a person, but judging from the few that he has exhibited in three years, I can confidently say he is too weak and calm-looking for a position like the President of Ghana.  It would be very difficult to ascribe the kind of leadership he is employing in the helm of affairs. Basically he has been turned into a steering wheel for manipulators within their party for their own good and not for his will.

TheDuke: Who are those you call manipulators?

NA:  This is no secret! The ministers and party faithful who have won their way to the President’s heart. They are preying the man for t own wealth and that is the cause of both their government and party woes.

TheDuke: Who do you consider as a good alternative to Prez Mills?

NA: Talking about alternatives, I am of the notion that the people of Ghana may not collectively present an Alternative for the Presidency because voters in this country are been guided by different qualities and factors in selecting the nations topmost executive but looking at our level of development, we deserve someone who is goal minded and can manage authority so well that he will deliver amidst predictable challenges.

TheDuke: What factors do you think are considered by the Ghanaian voter in selecting a President?

NA: The basics are similar to people’s justification in choosing a political party in our country. Most people consider firstly, Ethnicity, then Religion then sometimes Personal Character and attitudes.  But this has over the years relatively failed us.

TheDuke: You made mention of the Problems in Government and Party hindering the success of the Mills Government, can you explain further?

NA: heheheh, I will like to start with the problems existing within the structure of government. I mean how would you describe a government that has no major achievement in terms of linking Ghana with the developed world? There are certain programs and policies that it’s targeting and achievement deepens the realistic growth of a country especially when the country has been tagged as a Developing Country of Middle Income Status. Comparing the achievements of this government with this notion, you will notice that the feat of this government is still the ordinary business of a government irrespective of the mass of resources at its disposal. That is to say the least but despite this, the government structure has also been plagued with a great deal of leadership malfunctioning plus various heights of internal uncertainties. The question of how effective the President’s office is a very viable one to summarise the government leadership issues.

Then their party misfortunes, the one that has got to do with Jerry Rawlings and the direction of the party.

TheDuke: Before you delve into the party issues I have a question for you. What do you think is the plea of the Rawlings?

NA: The woes of the Rawlings is quite justifiable under any circumstance although I don’t agree with them but in our type of democracy, such is not news. Masses have been convinced that Jerry wants the control of the party but the main issue is far from that.

During the campaign journey for Mills 2008, the fate of the Rawlingses was to get their man in power and restore their credence in national politics, both Party and government. But shortly after Mills’ victory, this became unattainable because Jerry was too hasty to taste power; a feat that was heavily opposed by Team Mills.

Looking at the vibrancy and the selfless contribution the Rawlingses dedicated to the election of Mills as President, Mills ought to have pacified the Party’s founder after attaining the Presidency after Eight Years of knocking. Certain moles from Jerry’s camp who he can personally attest to their work during campaign 2008 deserved ministerial positions but were not forthcoming. I can say on authority that the contributions of Nana Konadu in particular should have earned her a Ministerial Position. So her decision to contest Mills’ re-election at Party level was a measure to demonstrate their frustration and eagerness to restore their control of the party. Since this failed, they resorted to the plan B which is to direct the party out of power. Though that is pathetic it still seem to be their easy way out.

TheDuke: Even if she does not merit it?

 NA: Merit? I don’t think that has been the justifications for appointments under the Mills Government.

TheDuke: So what do you see in the future of NDC and Rawlings with the insurgence of a new political Party that her wife is linked with?

NA:  I see Rawlings staying mute on his relationship with the newly formed National Democratic Party, but the plot is just to render the NDC back into opposition where the party will come back into the arms of Rawlings. Possibly the NDP will merge with the NDC if it gets back to opposition and regroup from there. Either than this, Mr Rawlings will soon join the NDP if Mills retains his presidency.

Analytically, it would not be easy for the NDC to do without Jerry Rawlings. I won’t personify him with the spirit of the Party but I will be right to say he is the most Charismatic figure in National Politics today and exerts a lot of weight on election outcomes.

TheDuke: Lets close the chapter on the government and the Ruling Party, do you think President Mills can singly retain his seat.

NA: Looking at the calibre of people surrounding him and the rife corruption allegations that have been levelled against his officials and government actions, I am saddened to believe that he will be the first president in the history of our Fourth Republican Era to enjoy one term of rule. Well I would not want to go into his health and fitness but I guess the truth is written across his face..

TheDuke: That?   

NA: Election pressure and campaign business will have a toll on him, and more importantly without his Electioneering striker Jerry Rawlings, it will be extremely difficult for him to retain power.

TheDuke: Sure?

NA:  Unlike the NPP which happens to be a tradition and ‘elitist’ party, Jerry Rawlings NDC is solely a personal charisma fuelled political front. The absence of this personality or his strong opposition spells doom for the Party that he has nursed from PNDC-Rawlings Fan Club-NDC. More so, the president will be bamboozled by the folks around him to believe it is possible to do without Rawlings… but get this: The NDC is not a tradition based party, it’s a charismatic party held on the shoulders of JJ Rawlings.

TheDuke:  Thanks for staying with us, our next edition will be the part two of this Political piece and it will feature on the Opposition structures of our democracy.

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