Atta Is Gone – by Francis Doku

The news trickled in slowly
And it kept growing gradually
Then swelled up a nation’s mood markedly

Before long we were neck deep in sorrow
Though we preferred to have good news in which to wallow
And if we could, like a hare, seek another place to burrow

So we would rather not hear what had befallen our nation
That we could avoid the sadness that covered the population
A sadness that was eating into our every meditation

The news of the death of the President
Was as sudden as though caused by accident
And it came as shocking as it had no precedent

It was heard everywhere that Atta Mills was gone
It echoed through the land like it was sounded with a gong
Far, near and beyond our shores it was on lips like a song

“We have lost a good man” some were heard singing
“How do we replace such a man” others were heard saying
“We must pray for another good man” yet others were heard advising

But Atta is oblivious to all these as he goes to his maker
And on our part we pray he gets there without a hinder
As we hope to see him again in the world yonder

His life was dedicated to the service of the land
In hope that he would make better his motherland
But like we all he waved no magic wand

We have united to say: fare thee well President Mills
Thank you for scaling many mountains and hills
As we pray the Lord to protect lovely Naadu Mills

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