Sorry Girls, Some Things Are For Men Only – By Nana Akosua Opoku

Remember that TV advert where a group of ladies have a face off with a bunch of guys over who can do a particular thing better than the other? In the ad, the ladies had a flat tyre and attempted to change it by consulting a tyre-changing manual. In the end they could not change the tyre. Let me acknowledge that there are some ladies who can comfortably and successfully change a car tyre.

The whole premise of the ad is that some things in this life are meant for a particular sex and the other has no business attempting to venture into that gender-based thing. A guy who has no social manners can easily stand by the roadside, open his zipper and start urinating into a gutter or against someone’s wall. But the same cannot be said about a lady who has absolutely no manners. Even the most tomboyish of girls will not roll up her dress, pull down her panties, squat across a gutter and empty the contents of her bladder.It doesn’t happen that way.

And for those transvestites, no amount of surgery can make them have a monthly flow like what happens to the naturally born females. That goes to show that no matter the civilization that has met us in our day, some things are the sole preserve of a particular sex.

What used to be the trend during the years of our forebears stands to be ridiculed by us should it be introduced to us. That makes us aware that times have changed so much and the changing world has come the battle for equality between the sexes. My fellow sisters want to be acknowledged as being capable of doing anything a man can do, if not better. Hmmm, therein lies my problem.You see, not to get all preachy or anything, but the Lord made each gender separately and imbibed peculiar characteristics in both of the sexes.

Just as He gave women the sole privilege of being child-bearers, so did he give men the sole right of impregnating women. There is no overlap whatsoever and a woman cannot say that she wants to prove her capabilities so she is going to impregnate her fellow woman. Some things are just not meant to be shared across gender.

Those in the Western world have a totally different mindset from ours when it comes to certain issues. In a bid to assert their independence, women in those places have long been proposing love to the men and sometimes even marriage. Some things just cannot be comprised and personally, I think one of such things is a lady proposing love or marriage to a guy.

Most ladies will agree with me that there is a thrill associated with ‘The Chase.’ The chase is when a man who is so smitten by a lady moves heaven and earth to make her consent to be his beloved. Boy! The thrill of being pursued, even if it is subtle, makes a woman feel special and cherished; and that is exactly how God intended us to be.

I accept that there are times when a lady will like a particular person yet that person may not be making or showing any signs of wanting to be with that person. It happens a lot and it is very difficult for those ladies who ‘love’ a guy who is not making any moves to suggest that her reciprocates her feelings for him. That is when most ladies are tempted to be the one to propose love. Stop Press! Some things are for men only no matter how brave, or should I say desperate, you may be.

Human beings are funny breed of ‘animals’ and I believe that the moment a lady is the one to propose love/marriage to a man, that unnecessary bold step is highly likely to come back and haunt her. We say a lot of mean things when we are upset and can you imagine a guy’s outburst when there is an unpleasant confrontation between his beloved and him? “After all you are the one who proposed to me!” That is one of such words that can jump at you from Pandora’s box. There is no denying that there are couples who are enjoying a successful relationship/marriage though it was the woman who proposed. But why would you, who was made to be ’pursued,’ decide that you want to role-play in such an important aspect of your life as this?

There are many ways to go about situations when a lady’s love interest is stalling in making a move on her. I chanced upon someone’s comment on this issue on facebook once and I couldn’t help but applaud her game plan. “I would study him like a course I want to pass. I will learn him so well and do every thing possible to position myself strategically in his life. In the end, he will ask me out, thinking it has his idea, not knowing that it was my idea all along,” wrote Akosua Kwafo Ogyiri on facebook.

I consider that as a smart move. Instead of being the one to go verbally proposing to guy, and thereby usurping his God-assigned role, why not subtly position yourself so well in his life that he will find you indispensable in his life? If the guy has not proposed marriage to you yet, do not be the one to propose marriage to him, work his mind indirectly towards marriage and let him do the proposing.

Not to get all religious again, but the Good Book says that he who finds a wife finds agood thing and obtains favour from the Lord; it didn’t say he who finds a husband finds a good thing. Need I say more that some things are for men only? Sorry girls!

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