NPP Is Fighting God! – By George Oko Mensah

nppdemoNo human could fight God and ever remain the same, for in the scriptures, it was Jacob who was known to have wrestled with an angel whom the Bible scholars believed to be God. This was after his hip was wrenched and began limping. The angel is the representative of God. King David also said that it is a dreadful thing for any human being to fall into the hands of God.

In the 2000 election, the NPP party adopted a gospel song composed by Cindy Thompson “AWURADE KASA.”This song enjoyed a lot of airwave and caught up so well with the populace that the party took advantage of it to ride on to victory.

After coming to power, the NPP people abandoned God-factor out of their scheme of things—-the party began to distance itself from things of God and had nothing to do with God’s people but with those who would tell them what their itching ears to want to hear. God factor means an acknowledgement of God in all things. God factor means he is the source of everything. God factor means power and strength resides with him alone. God factor means he has the power to enthrone and dethrone kings, leaders and heads of state.

Even after the Prez Kufuor had finished serving two terms in office, the party through its actions and inactions failed to give God a rightful place in the national affairs, forgetting that it is only God who rules in the affairs of men and political parties.

The NPP party led by Nana Akufo Addo into 2008 election minus God factor and the party was defeated by the NDC flag bearer who was a known believer in God. Unlike the Prez Kufuor and Nana Akufo Addo, the late President Mills never concealed his unwavering faith in God and any time opportunity afforded him, he made public show of it! Wherever he went, both near and far he lived it out! His strength and power was from above.

At one point, he was quoted as saying that God is the president of Ghana and that he holds no one apologies for saying so after the NPP leadership made a mockery of him for turning the castle into prayer camp. Besides, he was ridiculed by the NPP that he was voted into office to attend to govt business but not religious activities. The seriousness of the govt business had been reduced to mere religious. But this was a man despite his failing health worked himself to death for God and for country.

Events after his death proved beyond the doubts that he was a true man of God and amplified the fruits of the Spirit in dealing with all kinds of people. Like Jesus Christ, he came to serve but not to be served. He did not lord over his people and yet he was abused, insulted, vilified and spat on but he never paid back!  His celestial call by his maker could not be comprehended by mere mortals. As painful as his demise was, Ghanaians particularly Christians took consolation in the fact that he had completed his earthly duty  and perhaps God was doing something that mere mortals could not understand at the time he was going for second term in office. God knows best!

One event after the other followed and destinies changed. God was doing a new thing and the then vice president became the president of the Republic of Ghana. Anyone with a spiritual eye would perceive that a new path was being chartered for this country with new crop of leaders at the helm of affairs and any individual or a group of individuals who would stand against it is simply fighting God.

This year’s election, the NPP came up with another slogan. This time it was not a song but a text from the scripture.” The battle is of the Lord.” The NPP party convinced themselves and rightly so that no matter how prepared they were towards 2012 election, only the Lord would give a victory. There is nothing wrong with that if only it is meant well! But that never was! The NPP party praise God with your lips but their hearts is far away from him.

Coming events pointed to the fact that the party never believed in it.

Before the voting day, Christians, Muslims and traditionalists all went down their knees and pray for God‘s guidance in choosing leaders. The voice of the people is the voice of God!  True to that, God who knows everyone’s heart gave a leader in the person of the President John Mahama. The people of Ghana have spoken loud and clear! And even before the Electoral Commissioner Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan would declare the winner of the polls, the NPP being its stock in trade rejected the results on ground of unsubstantiated allegation that there was a fraud. This is a clear case of fighting God!

“The battle is of the Lord” was chosen by the NPP party to suit their whims and caprices but never backed it with deeds.

If the battle is indeed for the Lord, you don’t go about fighting the battle with stones, catapults and other missiles against your opponents

If the battle is indeed for the Lord, you don’t go about beating, stabbing and killing innocent people of different political persuasions

If the battle is indeed for the Lord, you don’t go about inciting your disgruntled supporters to violence

If the battle is indeed for the Lord, you don’t go about attacking the pressmen for performing their legitimate duties

If the battle is indeed for the Lord, you don’t go about mustering evidence for court, for the Lord can not fight for you if you can fight your own battle.

In all this, one thing is abundantly clear: God can not be mocked!