Valentine’s Day Dairy Of A Hot Legon Girl – By Abubakar Ibrahim

Today is Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb. She sighs and goes through her mind once again. She kept going through her mind so as not to miss valsanything.

7-8am = Breakfast with Pearce at On The Run, Legon. He is sweet and handsome although he only glorifies ladies and not a friend with benefits. His parent’s money fools him into thinking he is the best thing that happened to women since Donald Trump. He likes boys to see him with beautiful ladies not that he wants anything more. I was having doubts about him until what I saw in his boxers scared me off forever. That’s a no go area.

8-10am = Visit my Big Daddy on the High Street. The plushness of his office is motivating. He has promised getting me a job after school and am excited. I don’t like the way the boys in the open offices stare at me. Although I feel something for Raphael Bentum, I don’t think he can handle a lady like me. Then there is Sarah, the secretary who doesn’t like female visitors to her Boss’s office. Big Daddy is fun to be around because after getting his hot quick BJ he is ok and signs well.

10-11am = Visit Mugu5 at his Downtown Boutique around Okaishie in Accra. He keeps a girl like me on a tight leash and is very possessive. Do a quickie for the val gown he bought for me#naughty grin#

11-2pm = Go to swim at Movenpick Hotel with Suma. This big northerner is well built for his age. Too sweet and tempting not to have him around. Although stingy man aka POP/super glue his sweet rod makes up for his never wanting to pay for looking beautiful and other maintenance. How I wish I could resist him.

2-4pm = Go cook Val dinner for my real boyfriend. I love him so much but he doesn’t know much about his competition. He is jealous and wants to occasionally warn me about my harmless male friends on campus. He likes going through my fone and I hate that. Not so comfy with his close marking.

4-5pm = Visit my sweet ladies and try to compare notes so I know who got what and up my game before the day ends. Am over ipads, BB, perfumes and all that. But you never know with these ladies nowadays what’s new in the game. No dulling!

5pm-TDB = Leave Legon to Trassaco to spend the night with my Big Big Daddy Onyewu who recently bought me a BB-Porsche and promised me rent at Adenta Housing.

Don’t ask about any Vals Dinner With Boyfriend? He has caused me a lot already and he has already got his fair share of me. I am too much for one man but not enough for two #sick of possessiveness#! He can eat the check check we kept in the fridge when we got back from club all drunk and tired to eat. Yelz o,this is 2012 in Accra where all ladies need to shine their eyes: no clogging!

*This is purely a creative work. All resembles or similarities with any lady you know or names used here are purely coincidental.

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