What We Stand For

Freedom Of Expression To Think and Write

Do you have an article that you wish to get out to a wider audience? Do you have anything to get across as a writer?

This blog is about global writers who have something on their mind to get across. There is no age limitation or subject that you choose to discuss. It is a haven for all those who write for the passion as well as all those who crave for well written articles of any kind. The ultimate goal is to rekindle the writing and reading spirits to feed the mind. This blog is all about the freedom of expression to think and write irrespective of where in the world one finds themselves.

We are here to give opportunity to all to express their minds as well as display their talents. It is our ardent hope that through this page most of those seeking for publishers will get their prayers answered.

We are very particular about respecting and protecting intellectual property, which most of these writings are. We therefore advice all interested in reproducing any work from this page to duly seek permission either from WTA or the writer of the work.