George Sydney Abugri

George Sydney Abugri is a prolific, multi-award winning, Ghanaian newspaper journalist. He trained as a science and mathematics teacher, but migrated to journalism after a decade of teaching.

He began his career in journalism with “The Punch” weekly and moved to Ghana’s largest daily newspaper, the Daily Graphic in 1982. He has since worked variously on the Graphic as a reporter, regional correspondent, feature writer, features editor, editorial writer and weekly columnist.

Abugri has written more than 1,000 humourous and satirical essays under the “Friday File” and “Letter to Jomo”, weekly columns in the Daily Graphic since 1993. He has also written many articles and book reviews for West Africa magazine. He is the author of “Soul Blast”, a collection of poems and a 327-page collection of some of his work, published under the title of his weekly column, Letter to Jomo.”

Abugri has been the recipient of seven {7} National Awards for excellence in journalism in Ghana. The awards include the Best Print Feature Award {three times winner}, Best Newspaper Columnist Award, Best Regional Reporter Award, Best Development Journalist Award and the prestigious Journalist of the Year Award.

As Journalist of the Year {1997}, Abugri undertook a UNILEVER-sponsored professional study tour of news organizations in the United Kingdom including the British Broadcasting Corporation {BBC}, The Financial Times, The Asian Times, The Caribbean Times, The Eastern Eye, The Voice and West Africa Magazine.

As journalist of the year, he was invited by British Airways to cover BA’s inaugural flight from Accra to the tourist destination of Orlando, Florida, in the United States.

He was sponsored by Internation, {now Internation-Goethe Institute}on a professional study tour of news organizations in several cities of Germany including Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Potsdam, Hamburg, Dresden and Munich in 1996.

Abugri has served on the National Media Awards Committee of the Ghana Journalist Association. His paper on “Mass Media and National Integration” was well received at the prestigious Ghana New Year School held at the University of Ghana, Legon, in 2002.

Abugri appeared on popular television programmes in the 1990s, including News Conference, a popular programme on Ghana Television, which provided a platform for crack panels of journalists to grill top public officials on critical national issues.

He also participated in several panel discussions on Ghana Television’ popular Talking Point programme and Public Agenda on TV3.

Abugri holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism Studies from the University of Wales in the UK. He also holds the Ghana Teachers’ Professional Certificate “A” and the University of Cape Coast Institute of Adult Education Science Specialist Teachers’ certificate.

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