Kofi Yankey

Buoyed by the Ghanaian society which says children must be seen and not heard, Kofi Yankey is on cause to change this mentality. He believes society tends to suppress the voice of the young, tagging such person as immature and unfit to contribute to meaningful discussion.

As a person who falls within that age bracket, I seek to challenge the status quo through my writings. Driven by personal experiences and fanciful opinions, my writings reflect the youthful suppressed voice in me.

Currently in my final year in the University of Cape Coast, reading English and Religion & Human Values, my area of study tends to have a bearing on my writings. Growing up, like most kids, I wanted to be a doctor, but at some point, I realized how important, how awesome, it is to share one’s reflections with others. That’s the kind of person I want to be; writer, among all other things. You can reach Kofi at duasuak@gmail.com