Random Thoughts by Worlanyo Adzimah

The weather looks just like my thoughts – dull! So I’ve decided to shake up my system with some warm “Nescafe 3-in-1” along side some digestive biscuits. I am trying the “digestive light”… Continue reading

My 2011 Awards – by Nana A Damoah

This is very eclectic. Enjoy and Happy New Year! 1. Most publicized jobs: FONKARites and GAMEists. The Yutong bus driver is a close third. 2. The most misunderstood statement: “2011 will be an… Continue reading

My Deathday Wish: After Birth Comes Death – By Novisi Dzitrie

  So death would come and   I would die a poet! I the lover you hate In equal measure or worse.   But do NOT Do these in remembrance of me:  … Continue reading

14 Reasons Why I’II Miss Kwaku Sakyi-Addo by Francis Doku

ALL things in the world, including the world itself, would come to an end some day (and if you believe US preacher Harold Camping then that could be this Saturday) but it was… Continue reading

Duka Daya by Kwame Gyan

I think Mills is no different from Kufuor or Rawlings. These are the leaders I know. The rest I have only read in history books. Politicians, I have said before, are only different… Continue reading

A Feeling I Can’t Explain

by Yussuf Daakyehene Bouda This is a feeling I can’t explain, when words aren’t enough An angelic soul that walked in when life got tough Something happens in my heart each time I… Continue reading

One Ghana Cedi Thoughts – by Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni

Another Friday is here again and as I walked to my usual Hausa Koko joint for my daily dosage of breakfast this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in the appearance… Continue reading

“Influence” in the Emerging Ghana (According to Facebook) – by Bright Simons

Religious Leaders, Entertainers and Sportsmen most popular with Ghanaians?   It is not clear whether the “digitalisation” of Ghanaian life is impacting in anyway the nature and evolution of the notion of “influence”… Continue reading

A Carrot, An Egg and Coffee – by Tigeress J Leley

  Most of us just want to give it all up in the face of adversity. Some crack under life’s whip of reality as if someone promised them life was going to be… Continue reading

For Unto Us The Kneel Bell Tolls – by Abubakar Ibrahim

It’s been a busy week trying to keep up with the apocalyptos. I don’t just mean with the people zigzagging across town reading news and billboards about the end of the world. For… Continue reading