I Now Understand Why Old Musicians Hate New Ones – By Kwame Dadzie

I have grown to realize the verity in some assertions made by one sage of antiquity, Ralph Waldo Emerson in his book ‘Nature’ that, “new arts destroy the old” and that “the new… Continue reading

How to cope with stress in Nigeria – By Elnathan John

Most of us who were born in Nigeria take a lot of things for granted. The kind of trauma we experience daily would send the average Japanese guy flying out a 23rd floor… Continue reading

Is Asantehene a “Super Chief”? – By Manasseh Azure Awuni

In Ghana today, the truth and fair opinion are becoming as bitter and poisonous as the hemlock that killed Socrates. One does not give an opinion without being tagged as a pro or… Continue reading

Sorry Girls, Some Things Are For Men Only – By Nana Akosua Opoku

Remember that TV advert where a group of ladies have a face off with a bunch of guys over who can do a particular thing better than the other? In the ad, the… Continue reading

Winning The “Facebook Generation” Voter; The Theory Of Applied Common Sense – By Kwame Gyan

President Obama came to power in 2008 on the back of a carefully thought-through campaign which had social media as an integral part. He is the first President voted to the White House… Continue reading

The wishful thinking that is Nigeria – By Matilda Orhewere

Wishful thinking is indicative of the love for things one has neither worked for nor earned. Until some price is paid for something, desiring such benefits will remain an elusive mirage. Many nations… Continue reading

Looking Beyond The Stars – By Kofi Akordor

There is a wise counsel that you cut your coat according to the size of your cloth. The lesson is very simple. When nursing any ambition you should not lose sight of your… Continue reading

A Postcard From South Africa – By Manasseh Azure Awuni

Today the sun has refused to come out. It is 2 p.m. but it is still indoors. Yesterday was quiet different. Perhaps, it is only in these parts of the world that one… Continue reading

Why I Am Not Against War – By George Sidney Abugri

Everyone is out marching, Jomo. Marching? Yes sir, marching for peace. Everyone is out praying, Jomo. Praying? Yes sir, praying at the instance of the nation’s clergy so that peace, precious peace might… Continue reading

How To Be A Nigerian Mechanic – Elnathan John

Life is nothing without you. People may run away from you, despise you, but in their hearts they know, they need you. You are the one who saves the day: the woman stranded… Continue reading